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| Bankruptcy Timeline | Who is Eligible | Do’s and Don’t’s | Exempt property | Meeting of creditors | Pre-Bankruptcy Credit Counseling Course | Post-Bankruptcy Certificate of Education | Bankruptcy Resources |
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A fresh start

Bankruptcy Attorney Phoenix

The Arizona bankruptcy attorneys at McDonald law Offices have been helping individuals solve their debt problems for over 20 years. We have helped thousand of people just like you get the fresh start that you need and deserve. Debt problems can and do happen for nearly everyone at one time or another. Let our experienced Tempe bankruptcy attorney help relieve your anxiety and stress and stop collection calls and threats. A bankruptcy consultation with a Tempe bankruptcy lawyer is always free and will provide you with a clear understanding of your rights. Even if you have already met with another Phoenix bankruptcy attorney and you are looking for the best bankruptcy attorney to help you out of a tough situation, please feel free to contact us for a second opinion. We have an outstanding reputation when it comes to helping individuals resolve their debt problems.

If you are facing foreclosure and want to keep your home our Phoenix chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney can file a chapter 13 bankruptcy to stop foreclosure. We can arrange for you to keep your home and cure the past due payments over a period of up to five years. If you have a second mortgage or home equity loan against your property, talk to one of our Phoenix bankruptcy attorneys to see if we can strip the lien from the property so that the loan is no longer a lien on the property.

If you are facing vehicle repossession, we can help. Our bankruptcy attorney Phoenix can stop repossession of your vehicle. We have stopped the repossession of hundreds of vehicles through the filing of a chapter 13 bankruptcy. Even if your vehicle has been repossessed, but not yet sold, we can help you get the vehicle back. Our bankruptcy lawyer Phoenix has successfully obtained the return of dozens of repossessed vehicles following the filing of a chapter 13.

If medical debts and credit card bills are making it impossible to afford to pay your everyday expenses, we are here to help. The bankruptcy attorneys in Phoenix with McDonald law Offices have discharged millions of dollars in medical and credit card debt for our clients through the filing of a chapter 7 bankruptcy. A chapter 7 bankruptcy is the most common type of bankruptcy. In chapter 7 you attempt to discharge as many of your debts as possible so that you can get a fresh financial start. When a chapter 7 is filed, the court will appoint a bankruptcy trustee that will review your assets to determine if you have property that is not exempt. Property that is not exempt can be sold by the trustee with the proceeds being paid to your creditors. Exempt property can not be sold by the trustee. If you have nonexempt property we will discuss the Do’s and Don’ts that you must be aware of regarding nonexempt property. As soon as you get started with us we can stop creditor calls and relieve the stress that you are experiencing.

If you are burdened by unpaid tax debt we can help. The Glendale bankruptcy attorney at McDonald Law Offices has handled IRS and Department of Revenue tax issues for over 25 years. In fact, our Glendale bankruptcy lawyer has successfully discharged millions in tax debt for our clients. At McDonald Law Offices we understand Arizona Bankruptcy laws and our Arizona Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney can explain how you can discharge those taxes that can be discharged and how you can repay those taxes that can not be discharged through a federally approved chapter 13 plan. Our bankruptcy attorney in Glendale will show you how those taxes that can not be discharged can be repaid without interest and penalties potentially saving you thousands of dollars. Give our Glendale bankruptcy lawyer a call to see if we can help you discharge or reorganize your tax debt.

The call to one of our offices is always free. Call today to see if we can help you to.

Is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy right for you?

By James R. McDonald, Phoenix Bankruptcy Attorney

Is Chapter 13 Bankruptcy right for you?

By James R. McDonald, Phoenix Bankruptcy Attorney

Why should you hire McDonald Law Offices?

By James R. McDonald, Phoenix Bankruptcy Attorney

About McDonald Law Offices.

By James R. McDonald, Phoenix Bankruptcy Attorney

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It's a tough decision to cut your losses and file Bankruptcy, especially if you feel like you are on your own. “Bankruptcy” carries a negative stigma, but you can have a positive experience when you team up with McDonald Law Offices. Did you know that there are steps you need to take before filing bankruptcy? Deciding that bankruptcy is your best option can be a really tough decision to make, but if you have someone reassuring you that you will recover, your anxiety lessens. It does get better, and we’re saying that from experience. With offices based in Glendale and Tempe, bankruptcy lawyers are available to help you if you are unsure of how to do this or would like to consult a lawyer. Our lawyers are dedicated to aiding you every step of the way, and they are committed to the success of your case. Call us today and let us help you get things taken care of.

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Bankruptcy is something that nobody wants to get involved with if they can help it. Resetting your credit score can be intimidating and scary. But sometimes filing for bankruptcy is the right decision in a tough situation. It's not easy to admit that you can't afford the things you have already purchased, but sometimes it's the only way to come clean and start over, in regards to both the law and to yourself. The next step you’ll need to take after deciding to file is going to one of our offices of Phoenix bankruptcy attorneys to discuss your options. At McDonald Law Offices, attorneys are professionally trained in Arizona's bankruptcy laws, and we offer the sympathy and expertise you need to get started with your bankruptcy the right way.

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